Guitar lessons in Zurich

Frustrated with learning the Guitar? I know how you feel!

Don’t worry, I helped several students in Zurich with a scientific proven approach.

Focus on the mind instead of only techniques in order to guide you to progress faster. I’ll prove it!

What you will get from these Guitar Lessons
Be Confident
  • Play complicated passages 100% of the time
  • Experience rock solid confidence in front of an audience
  • Be proud of yourself and your playing
Save Money
  • Progress much faster than with regular lessons
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Achieve in months what usually takes years
Free Yourself
  • Express yourself musically
  • Become motivated to always practice
  • Free yourself from the stress of not getting it right
Get Additional Support
  • I offer digital materials (DVD’s, transcripts, other materials) so you do not stop study even when going on vacation
  • Support for “office” hours are given to students, i.e. support outside the classroom


“Before I came to Gonçalo, I had had other teachers that did not have a structured approach and I was making only very little progress. After starting lessons with him, I felt an immediate improvement from day one. One of the most exciting things that made the difference for me was how fast I got the results I wanted. He also keeps my motivation in check so that I enjoy playing everyday. If you want are looking for guitar lessons in Zürich, you should definitely try Gonçalo out!”

Jana J.

“Gonçalo, I find the way you teach immensely inspirational and am in awe of your knowledge on the guitar and patience.”

Fabia M.

“Thanks to Gonçalo I feel and sound much better playing the guitar, and it was quicker than I expected.
I started having guitar lessons recently and although it’s early I’ve already improved a lot, especially in my confidence. And Gonçalo is amazing, super patient and attentive to my needs. I was stuck in my guitar playing until I met Gonçalo. It’s really worth the money and time you put in…. Thank you Gonçalo.”

Bruno P.

“I found Gonçalo’s website on the iternet. After the free trial lesson, I was convinced I had found the right teacher for me. As I had had guitar classes as a young child before, I could immediately see the difference in approach and how it would impact my learning and playing. Gonçalo showed me very interesting learning techniques and the use of very helpful apps and other interesting techniques.
His careful and considerate approach to teaching, as well as his positive attitude brought my joy to music back, after I had lost it for several years! I am extremely thankful for that!”

Brigitta K.

“Gonçalo is an super guitar teacher that managed to, in just a few lessons, to show and teach me the most important basic principles. His lessons area lot of fun for me and I am again really motivated to play. Thank you!”

Roger D.

Frequently Asked Questions


I teach guitar lessons in a central location in Zurich, right next to the Oerlikon train station at Wattstrasse 3, 8050 Zürich.
From there you can easily reach my teaching location by foot. I also develop materials and recording for my students that are willing to learn and review their lessons when travelling – don’t hesitate to contact me (or better yet, call to book a trial lesson), so that I can better explain you the details.


I offer a wide variety of programs and courses that address different needs, like for example private or group classes, courses that focus on specific topics like technique or improvisation, beginner’s courses and also programs where a student is able to come more than once a week. You are more than welcome to attend a free trial lesson with me, there we will understand what your needs are and will therefore find the right program for you.


I focus mainly on 2 aspects when teaching class: That you are able to achieve your goals as quickly as humanly possible without losing any quality in the process and that you have fun while going through the process. I choose to focus on this because learning the guitar is like a trip – and the traveller must feel motivated to practice and to play. I have come time and time again to the same conclusion, that a student who constantly achieves his/her goals and has fun during the process (most of the time) is the one that sticks to it until becoming the guitar player that he/she wants to be.


I personally think that all students benefits from taking lessons, regardless of their playing level. If you feel unsure whether classes may or may not be beneficial to you, then I highly encourage you to come to one of my trial sessions. In order to see if we could be a good fit, I like to get to know a student a little before we come to the conclusion that we would like to start classes together. If we come to terms with that, I will definitely be willing to show you how my classes will benefit you.

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P.S. I’m looking forward to helping you overcome the challenges in your guitar playing so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun!
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