Key steps to helping you improve your guitar playing

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Let’s focus on what some of the key steps you can take to improve your guitar playing. The following steps will help you with your playing both in the short term and long term as well.

Having targets set for your guitar playing 

Set some goals and targets for where you want your guitar playing to be. This is a great way of motivating yourself to practise on the right things.

First you need to think about what it is that you actually want to be able to do on the guitar.
What do you want to be able to do with your guitar playing?
Are you wanting to play your own music?
Do you want to play in front of other people?

Think of all the things you want to do that gets you excited about playing the guitar. Write these things down as your target.

Having the right information to get you there 

Once you know what it is that you want to do, you need to make sure you have the right information to get you there.

Whether it’s the right techniques to be learning. Or the right content, the right practising methods.

You may be able to find this information out for yourself, which is great. But most of the time, people struggle to do this by themselves. They need to find a professional to get them the right information.

When you do have the right information. They need to be in the right plan for you to put in place for you to work towards your targets.

Having believe in your plan 

Once you have a plan with the right information to use for your guitar playing and practise. You need to have trust in your plan.

You need to feel confident that if you put your 100% effort into this plan that it will help you achieve your targets.

We have seen too many people put half-hearted effort into their plan and not succeed because of it. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

You need to stick to it and put your best effort. Whether it’s playing or practising the guitar. Otherwise the plan won’t work to improve your guitar playing.

Having your plan reviewed 

After a few months, you may find that some parts of your plan is working better than other.  Or you’ve already achieved some your goals and want to set new ones.

This is the time to review it and work out what the next plan is. You may need someone else to help you with if you are not sure.

When you get a new plan. Again, put your best effort in. Because without the effort, you won’t be able to work out what’s working great for you, and what isn’t.

Focusing on the things that work well in your plan will help speed up your playing.

Having the right guitar teacher to help you 

As we have spoken about before. You may be able to set your goals by yourself, and get a plan for yourself and review your plan by yourself.

In the majority of instances, people struggle to do this by themselves, and this is normal.

Trying to navigate a path that you have never been on is never going to be easy.

Having someone who knows what challenges and problems you will face. And be able to help you navigate it will help you make a lot more progress in a shorter amount of time.

They may even create the plan for you based on your goals, which saves you second guessing as well. From their experience, they should know what works and what doesn’t.

Make sure you pick the best guitar teacher for you. Pick someone who is able to get you to your goal and has a track record of doing it for other people too.

Having the right practise method

Even if the best plan, and the best information and even the best teacher. You need to know how to practise effectively. Otherwise hours and days could be wasted from ineffective practising.

It will speed up your progress in improving your guitar playing so much. It will be like sticking a rocket to your car.

When you progress faster, you will feel more confident in your own ability. It will increase your believe in the plan that you have. And it will self-motivate you to practise even more and make even more progress. It will keep you in the cycle of learning and constant improvement of your guitar playing.

So set some targets and goals for yourself, and get a plan together with the right information. Get help if you need it and learn how to practise. Finally, you need to keep going no matter what.

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Darryl Powis is a guitar teacher from London, England. Owner of Guitar Tuition East London. Contact them if you want electric guitar lessons in London.